Our company methodolgy operates to obtain the utmost quality applied to all business processes, both in house and outside with highly qualified partners

The control system of GFM begins with the supply chain and involves both raw materials and semi-finished products; raw materials at the time of entry are subject to an inspection of dimensions, documents, and comparison to detect their chemical composition. Traceability throughout the production process is ensured by subdivision and the use of bar codes applied to all raw materials and to finished products. At the end of the production process GFM carries out tests of compliance; each production lot is subject to a double-check according to scheduled test plans.

All components are manufactured with the utmost respect of required standards, depending on the material used and the various processes to which they are subjected. Once the product is finished, depending on its characteristics, it must pass DESTRUCTIVE TESTS – such as metallographic, tensile and resilience tests – made externally by certified laboratories, and NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTS, which may be performed even internally. In addition to visual, dimensional, spectrometric and hardness inspections, our staff - certified at Level II - carry out checks with penetrating fluids, magnetic and ultrasonic inspections.

GFM plans the production process of each component with utmost accuracy. We identify the resources required for its production, defining the time and methods of production, and finally establish the definitive procedures.
GFM spends a lot of its resources on qualification and monitoring of progress along the production chain. The consequence is a better understanding of the production process, both internal and external, and a higher quality of products, by means of a virtuous cycle that aims to continually improve and meet objectives.
Our primary goal is to be a reliable and competitive partner for our customers and to maintain our high standards of quality assessed on the basis of criteria of absolute objectivity, such as:
• compliance with the agreed delivery dates;
• the quality of the products;
• the technical and managerial skills;
• the economic, financial, and ethical reliability;
• the internal organization;
• the preservation and protection of the environment.

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