We specialise in the machining, assembly and supply of precision mechanical components.
From design to production with 4.0 technologies, we help our customers to thrive in the future.


Production process

Production process

Prototyping, production and assembly of precision mechanical components are the heart and soul of the company, the generator that supplies power to all the correlated activities, and that allow GFM to meet the specific needs of each customer by coordinating and managing the entire Supply Chain.

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GFM provides a complete and comprehensive service, from Technical advice to Applied Research, up to Supply and Integrated Logistics, and support for the customer’s logistical needs, providing customised solutions in kits that simplify the management of components.

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The passion for innovation is the driving force behind the integration of new technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, and behind the expansion of knowledge through investments in specialised training.

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A quality system for total control

GFM applies a single criterion to each company process: the search for total quality, which involves both the company’s in-house processes and the processes outsourced to qualified companies.

In practical terms, this model takes the form of an integrated control system that starts with a detailed analysis of the customer’s specifications and continues with constant monitoring of the entire production process, through laboratory tests and specific inspections.


When the supply chain is tailor-made

GFM’s strength lies in its extreme flexibility, which comes from the combination of internal production capacities and a network of external partners consolidated over the years.

Today GFM is a production-technical hub with qualified mechanical workshops that work together synergistically to help customers save time, resources and costs.


An incomparable stock of raw materials

One of the strengths that define GFM is the large stock of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, as it qualifies its offer and distinguishes it from other mechanical suppliers.

Its service starts by anticipating and intercepting the needs of customers, constantly monitoring their requests in order to supply strategic raw materials able to reduce procurement times and improve delivery reliability.
Our stock of raw materials includes carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, superalloys (InconelR, NimonicR) and non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminium alloys.


From integrated logistics to a customised kit

GFM’s capacity does not stop at the control and correct management of the production chain, but shows its added value in the management of the entire order: perfect integration between quality and supply according to the most efficient logistics.

In-depth knowledge on the final use of the products manufactured enables GFM to apply an additional service, an impeccable method that can help the customer in the management of strategic supplies: it involves a tailor-made service for the supply of entire lists of components organised in customised kits and delivered according to the correct order of assembly.

Certifications and qualifications

Application sectors

GFM’s experience gained over the years allows the company to provide its services to technologically advanced sectors (energy, aerospace, naval , etc.) that need highly complex components for special applications, or to re-engineer components with alternative materials or production processes in order to optimise those already consolidated.

Research projects

GFM participates in national and international research projects in collaboration with industrial partners and research centres of excellence. Constant training and research of new applications allows GFM to be at the forefront in the development of Metal Additive Manufacturing applications.


Metal Additive for Lombardy (MADE4LO) is a project involving different Lombard companies. It was born to share skills, know-how and resources in order to build a new manufacturing model based on 3D metal production technology and Additive Manufacturing.


Custodian is a European project that involves different organisations and companies focused on industrial laser solutions to develop a new ground-breaking method in laser production applications for sectors such as automotive, energy and aerospace.