Customized kit


In order to manage highly complex orders, which involve the supply of hundreds or thousands of components of different shapes, sizes, materials and applications, GFM has developed a unique supply service that combines efficiency in the delivery of components with know-how in mechanical assembly, simplification of management procedures and cost optimisation.

It is a complete, efficient and innovative method of supply management: a kit containing thousands of components divided by application and delivered wherever the customer needs it: to the warehouse, production line or directly to the installation site.

The customer can therefore receive, on the same date and place, the single components or partially pre-assembled components or assemblies, all with the same method of certification and quality requested by the customer.


GFM’s experience in the mechanical sector and in the management of highly complex orders for mechanical components enables it to identify optimisable processes and to simplify supply chain management. This leads to a reduction in direct and indirect costs, while increasing the efficiency of the company’s production processes.


GFM is able to meet any customer need in terms of customisation of the packaging phase and the subsequent identification phase, which is carried out by means of labelling or tagging of the parts.


GFM handles shipments all over the world, which include bureaucratic formalities, such as customs clearance and the preparation of accompanying documents, guaranteeing the customer absolute compliance with the agreed delivery times, always.


The extreme simplification of the supply chain management offered by the customised kit is the solution of the future, not only in the energy sector, for which GFM has supplied more than 150 turbine assembly kits in the last 5 years, but also in hi-tech markets that rely on innovation.

Concrete advantages
for the customer

Optimisation of internal management

The customised kit allows a reduction of up to 95% in the number of items to be managed, both when placing an order and when checking production progress and loading in the warehouse. This leads to significant savings in internal management times and costs.

Simplified management

After the first kit has been inspected by the customer, the subsequent kits are delivered directly in “free pass” to the assembly line or installation site, thus eliminating the times and costs of internal handling of the items. This results in a concrete streamlining of the quality control activities and warehouse logistics while maintaining the required standards.

Planning and assurance of delivery

The kit allows the customer to receive all the components needed in a single planned delivery, thus eliminating the problem of warehouse costs – in case of early deliveries – and production downtime due to possible delivery delays, with greater efficiency in the procurement system. It is an ideal solution for the installation of new systems, but also for the overhaul and maintenance of existing systems.