Additive Technologies


Additive technology is revolutionising the mechanical world.

Moreover, hybrid technology combines the unique features of mechanical finishing with additive processes to create complex geometries. However, the high cost of additive technologies and a lack of specific expertise in using them is slowing down their uptake on the market.

That is why GFM is at the forefront in setting targets and investing resources to build the expertise needed to bring about this revolution. Through ATC (Additive Technology Center), the first centre in Italy to promote knowledge and use of additive manufacturing technologies, GFM provides suitable technologies, designs innovative applications, adopts pioneering safety solutions and builds relations with businesses and institutions.

GFM is committed to the experimentation and application of additive technologies for the manufacturing industry, including hybrid technology. This comes from the company’s innate dedication to the growth and advancement of the mechanical compartment.

GFM provides companies with the necessary technological input for the design of advanced solutions, thanks to a highly specialised team of engineers with unique expertise in the sector.

The main services offered by GFM in the field of additive technologies are:

  •  co-engineering
  • feasibility study and prototyping
  • pre-competitive analysis
  • process development and optimisation
  • process qualification and creation of pre-series
  • training