Production capacity


The GFM engineers are specialised in the design and industrialisation of precision mechanical components and complex assemblies. Our team is able to support customers in the choice of the most effective and efficient materials, methods and production technologies: from the preliminary design and prototyping to production. We use 3D modelling software such as Catia and Siemens NX, and CAD-CAM software integrated in a single platform to simplify the transition from the model to the production of the components, passing through the programming of CNC machines.


A large in-house fleet of machinery and collaboration with companies qualified and specialised in the different types of machining processes allow GFM to have an extensive production capacity, both in terms of complexity and size.
In particular, we are able to carry out the following operations:

• Horizontal and vertical turning for diameters up to 5 metres
• Combined Turning and Milling using double spindle machines with motorised head for diameters up to 600 mm and lengths up to 2000 mm
• Flat and centreless grinding
• Continuous 4- and 5-axis milling

We work on different types of steel, such as stainless steel, PH steel as well as nickel and cobalt alloys and superalloys for high temperature applications or aluminium and titanium alloys for structural applications with low weights.
Our production unit has a tooling department designed for the prototyping of mechanical components and the construction of special manufacturing and assembly equipment.



In support of the production process, we are able to carry out critical machining operations using die-sinking and wire electric discharge machining. This allows us to create geometries that are difficult to obtain using conventional chip removal methods.
We execute deep micro-perforations on complex surfaces using 5-axis EDM drilling machines.


We are able to perform cutting and drilling operations on sheets up to 10 mm with laser technology. We are also able to weld different materials with thicknesses up to 4-5mm.


GFM produces, through a number of qualified suppliers, cold formed or drawn components from sheet metal, wire, strip and other semi-finished products in various nickel alloys and superalloys.


GFM has developed extensive knowledge on the construction and welding standards of numerous products. We perform TIG, electrode, wire and submerged arc welding processes and our workers are qualified according to ASME IX and EN standards. They are also qualified to perform welding processes such as laser, electric beam, resistance and capacitor discharge.

The validation of the welding process is managed by:

• Welding qualification (PQR/WPAR)
• Issue of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
• Qualification of Welding Experts (WPQ)
• Appropriate management of welding materials
• Recording of the controls carried out

GFM also has certified International Welding Specialists (IWS).


In collaboration with the best companies in the industry and with selected and certified laboratories, GFM performs all the main HEAT, THERMOCHEMICAL AND ZINC-PLATING TREATMENTS on the components it produces.

GFM is able to assist the suppliers, qualifying operators and processes for the main heat treatments to be performed on steel and nickel and cobalt based alloys such as:

• Vacuum hardening,
• Quenching, Tempering, Stress Relieving, Normalisation, Stabilisation,
• Ageing in vacuum
Thermochemical and zinc-plating treatments:
• Nitriding,
• Zinc-electroplating,
• Burnishing,
• Phosphating,
• Nickel-plating, chrome-plating and silver-plating.
As for the coating processes, the main qualified coatings are:
• Chrome carbides
• Stellite,
• TBC by HVOF or Plasma technology

We also carry out white metal coatings of various grades for bearings.


Through ATS Microfusione, a company co-owned with the Gruppo Cividale, we use investment casting to make custom mechanical components from steel, aluminium and special alloys with masses from 1 gram to over 60 kg. Investment casting offers the highest design freedom and allows the use of materials that are hard to machine, such as cobalt-based alloys and nickel.

Discover more about investment casting


GFM has developed knowledge of various additive technologies in the field of metals, both direct energy deposition (DED) and selective laser melting (SLM).
These technologies and their combination with traditional processes allows GFM to offer freedom in the development and engineering of materials and processes, reducing lead times and therefore also costs.

In addition to the SLM technology, GFM has a hybrid technology that not only allows depositing powder on machined parts and coating materials, but also allows re-machining of parts to obtain the geometric tolerances and surface finishes typical of a machined part. The machine operates with 5 continuous axes for the production of complex parts, but with production speeds up to 10 times higher than those of the SLM.


We assemble complex sub-systems according to customer specifications.


Our company adopts the principle of total quality applied to all company processes, both internal and those entrusted externally to highly qualified partners.


The GFM control system starts with the procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products; incoming raw materials undergo a dimensional, documental and comparative check to detect their chemical composition. Traceability throughout the entire production process is guaranteed by means of batches and the use of barcodes applied to all the raw materials and finished products handled. At the end of the production process, GFM carries out conformity checks; each production batch is subject to a double check according to defined testing and control plans.


GFM personnel carry out certified 2D to 3D tests, including non-destructive tests (VT/PT/MT/UT) and micrographic photos for internal use, aimed at validating production processes, also with additive technology. Everything is managed in two temperature-controlled metrological rooms equipped with fixed and mobile measuring machines and the most advanced bench-top instruments. GFM also collaborates with certified external laboratories to guarantee the total quality of the finished product.