GFM is an international leader in the production of mechanical components for gas turbines, steam turbines and energy generators.

The expertise gained in the application and development of new technologies enables GFM not only to supply the components, but also to develop innovative production technologies, and to take charge of order management and advanced logistics.

We specialise in the production of components for the compressor part, for the combustion chamber and for the turbine part.

Specifically, we are able to supply components for the construction of valve interiors, casings and diaphragms.

Our product range includes some of the main components for generators, air-cooled or hydrogen-cooled.

GFM designs and creates a wide range of special tools and equipment for the assembly of components, machining on the plant, maintenance and overhaul operations, repair work, testing and verification.

Depending on the case, the special tools and equipment can be manufactured based on customer drawings or entirely designed by GFM in strict compliance with the CE/PED machinery directives.

Experience gained in the field of specialist services and in the supply of spare parts for the energy sector has led us to deepen our knowledge of mechanical seals, allowing us to develop solutions that can be adapted to the most important TURBO GAS and STEAM technologies in the world.

The production with cutting-edge machinery, the use of certified materials and the support of specialised technicians allows us to meet the needs of any customer, offering answers in real time.